Muhhamed Qazi Qani (known as Hama Sha) is a Kurdish Comedian and TV Presenter. He was born in Sulaymaniyah and he started his career when he was 17 years old. 


Hama Sha was born in Sulaymaniyah in 20-10-1991. From the beginning, he started to be known as a Comedian. He began his art career in 2008 when he participated in many theatres acts continuously till 2013, in that period of time, Hama Sha was able to gain a large number of fans. With the rise of social media in the region, Hama Sha adapted himself with the changes and in 2013 he was very known as one of the most famous Kurdish viners. Hama Sha was a very successful viner and was like an inspire for many other Kurdish viners in Kurdistan. In addition, he participated in many short movies. Due to his large fanbase, in 2015, Hama Sha has become the radio presenter of a Kurdish Radio Channel (XFM) and was the script writer of many advertisement for companies.

In 2016, Hama Sha extended his presenting experience and worked for 3 years as TV presenter in (Khosh Tam) show on (NET TV) which was a comedy show till 2019. His last work was an entertainment show which continued for more than a year.  The show’s name was (Doory w Dowsty) On Kurd Max TV Channel, he was the presenter and creator of the show.

Hama Sha is also praised for bringing change and modern ideology to Kurdish art community. One of his projects was being the first one to produce a few Kurdish horror short movies and videos in Kurdistan which was an unusual thing to have it in Kurdish language and the most important part was the cast being all Kurds.

The way he was presenting his shows was a modern style of comedy on TV and Kurdish media. His work was not accepted easily in the community but gradually got accepted and many of the TV presenters used his methods.

Lastly, it is important to mention that there are more than 3 shows on tv now using the same modern ways of Hama Sha. It is all due to the modern change he brought to Kurdish media.